How to Rent A Car in Mallorca for Holiday

Do you have any plans for spending your holiday in Mallorca? Well, Mallorca is well known as one of the most famous places for a holiday due to the beauty of nature and sunny beaches. How long will you stay in Mallorca? If you have a plan for staying in a long time and want to get around the city, you may need to rent a car. Well, it’s not difficult to rent a car for Mallorca since there are several rental providers that will help you with it. However, you may need to consider several things before deciding to rent a car so that you can find a good car.

Things that should be considered for renting a car in Mallorca

Well, before deciding to rent a car, you may need to know the profile of the care providers. There are several well-known car providers in Mallorca. What you need to do is comparing the price and the service of the provider. In this case, you need to take look closely at the term and conditions of renting a car. If you can choose it carefully, you can get the best car at the cheapest price. Then, you may need to consider the type of cars based on your needs and budget. For example, if you go on holiday with your family members, you may need to use the family car so that all of your family can go in one car and still have some space. However, if you just go with one of your friends, the small car is suitable for you. The budget will affect the quality of the car. Another thing that should be considered is insurance regulation. You can choose the rent car dealer that gives you comprehensive insurance with no excess. So, you don’t need to spend much money if something happens such as an accident in your car. You may also consider refueling regulation. Ask the provider about the type of refueling regulation that is used in their company. You may find the full-full, full-empty, and the tank filling included. Each regulation has its own advantage and disadvantage so that choose the best one. You may also care to check the invoice of the company so that you just need to pay the thing that you got.

Choose the best rental provider

Well, as mentioned previously that there are several rental providers that can be chosen by the tourist. One of the most well-known providers is Record Go auf Mallorca. In this company, you can rent Ford Ka from € 1.50 a day during the low season such as March. Meanwhile, during the high season such as August, you can rent a small car with a price of about EUR 15.50 per day. This company has 10000 cars that are available for rent.  The types of cars from this company are economical, middle, SUV, small and big cars, family cars and luxury cars. You need to choose a car based on your needs and budget.